My Vegetarian Journey

Can vegetarian work in a family of five adults? How do you keep it interesting? Will vegetarian cooking give you all the nourishment you need? 

When I started this Vegetarian journey on the 1stof October I had many questions. And many anecdotal comments about protein, vitamin B-12 and whether I am just a bad hunter (thanks Herman). 

Vegetarian Black Bean Tortilla Soup
Black Bean Tortilla Soup – delicious and vegetarian!

And as the days ticked by and the vegetarian dishes seems to be finished first, and the leftovers are packed for luch to varsity, the data started to emerge. And vegetarian is leading. By far. 

You would believe that choosing vegetarian cooking or (for me) lifestyle is a sin, the way people reacted. I had comments from friends (recycled ones, sorry) that focused on “my food eats your food” and “it is not sustainable living, we are omnivores, just look at our teeth” that were not very helpful or encouraging, but it gives you a snapshot of where people are regarding the vegetarian topic.

As a scientist and a cook, with a passion for taste and a daugther that converted me with a strong personlaity to “live healthier”, this was a perfect challenge. And, as I like to push myself, I added more to it. 

“I will go to the gym every day”, I announced. This was the only way that I could measure if my energy levels were affected by the lifestyle. 

And the results are as astounding as confounding. 

But more about this later. 

We have had some vegetable recipes in the past:

Mediterranean Sweet Baked Potatoes

Chickpea Fritters

Warm Pepper Salad

or check out the category…

But there are many new and delicious recipes to come! i have found an inexhautible source of excellent Indian vegetarian dishes (the sort of perfected the craft of eating well on a small budget). Check this out!


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