Pulled pork wraps

pulled pork wraps sSo, now for the left-over meat from the pork belly. What else than wraps, the staple of a teenager. Quickly becoming a staple for the oldies as well, must say. After a disappointing KFC warp or six, your own wraps are easy to make and absolutely incomparable to the rubbish we get served at fast-food joints. If you don’t like cooking, or think that it’s too much effort, make your own wrap and tell me you are not converted. Perfect student food as well, as you can pack anything in there. Pulled pork wraps are easy to make and you will make them again. Guaranteed.

Heidi used her soft flour tortilla recipe.

I simply took the left-over meat from the fridge and with my hands, I pulled it apart. The layers of the pork belly comes apart easily. There is a little soft white layer of fibrous tissue between the layers, and you simply peel the meat from this part. So simple and so wonderfully juicy.

We made some chopped coriander, chopped basil, chopped iceberg lettuce and some feta and cheddar as crunchy additives. The kids could choose and build their own pork wraps. For some reason kids just hate the taste of coriander. Why is that?

I mixed the meat with some thinly sliced red pepper, Nando’s garlic and herb peri-peri sauce, sweet chili sauce, chopped spring onion and sliced white onion.

As soon as the wraps were cool, we put in the filling. It disappeared off the plates faster than the money in the Nkandla project.


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