Peppers roasted perfectly

There is another recipe – pickling your own bell peppers – that has a delicious pickling liquid recipe. However, this recipe focuses on the peppers.

roasted peppersSomeone asked me recently why I buy a box of peppers at a time. Well, as a box costs R39 and a pack of three costs R25, you can do the math. The box I bought had 39 peppers. So, R1 per pepper! This is eight times cheaper! Wow. 

Roasted (bell) peppers is a wonderful ingredient to have in the fridge. I have a trusted tupper container that I stack the roasted peppers in. In the fridge they last for at least two weeks. And added to anything, this sweet and slightly tart flesh elevates any dish. Cold, used in a salad, it balances the creaminess of avocado, the blandness of chickpeas and the spiciness of salad onions. Added to a pasta sauce, it adds that beautiful smokey and sweet pepper taste to any type of sauce. Even on a sarmie it is devine. Truly something you want to have in the fridge. Also, as the seasons change, you are stocked up. I would pickle some for the longer keep. 

This is not so much a recipe as a “life hack”. 

roasted peppers in the oven

The simple trick is this: 

I take a hand full of olive oil and rub all of the (washed and dried) peppers individually. I then place them in an oiled tray in a 200 degress celcius preheated oven for 30-40 minutes. The skin should turn deep brown but not black. It should also separate from the flesh. I do not cut the peppers first, as I want to steam the inside of the flesh. 

When done, you can put them in a bowl of ice and water and the skins would easily peel off. Most of it, anyway. Then I press my finger into the top and remove the stem and the seed-ball. I rinse the seeds I missed out with water. You can now cut it or dice it or even keep them intact – depending on what you want to use them for. The peppers taste the same however you slice or dice. 

And that’s it. Another hack is to sprinkle salt on the oiled peppers. This gets them to roast better and seasons them at the same time. Adding some chillie flakes makes them nice and spicy, and, as they are family, they fit well together. 


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