Oreo Ice-cream without an ice-cream maker

oreo ice-creamOn holiday you need to make plans. And you have to work around non-negotiables. For instance, it is not negotiable that the kids have ice-cream. It is hot, it is late summer, it is ice-cream time. Yet, the kids are used to the ice-cream we make ourselves, and are not interested in the store-bought kind. “just tastes so weird”, and “plastic” are frequently used terms. So, what to do?

Well, simple. We still make ice-cream. The old-fashioned way. I mean, really. Ice-cream is simply cream, eggs, sugar and milk. With some nice flavouring. Couldn’t be simpler. And it is.

Lara, as usual, decided the flavour has to be Oreo. As on the scale of flavour, you get Jamie’s “pukka”, and then you get Oreo.



250ml cream

2 eggs

200ml sugar

800ml milk


How we went about it:

As we had our trusty Bamix here, (just having the Bamix is “roughing it” in our house), we made powdered sugar with it. I don’t know why this works so well, but if I make ice-cream without making powdered sugar it just does not taste the same. Could be psychological, but I swear by it.

We then added the two eggs, and creamed it into the sugar. A lovely custard flavour results.

Then we add the cream and blend it in. Lara was scared we would get butter, but we didn’t, luckily.

Then into a pot and take it to boiling point, stirring the whole time (never ever turn your back on boiling milk).

As soon as it thickens, take it off the heat. Pour into a container and put in the freezer.

When crystals start to form, stir it until the crystals break up. Keep on doing this every hour or so. You don’t want crunchy ice-cream.

What I did with the second batch is even simpler, with the same result. I froze it over-night. It was hard and crystalline. I then popped it in the micro and at full blast defrosted it partly. I then broke it up with a spoon and put in the Oreos. I kept on stirring it to break the crystals and refroze it. The result was the same without the labour. Inventiveness and laziness are good buddies. Why create work, focus on the outcome.

I broke the Oreos roughly into quarters before I stirred them in. with my second way, the Oreos did not go soggy. So don’t add them too soon, unless you want them to blend with the ice-cream and lose their distinctiveness. Your choice. Both go down the hatch and bring back a smile.


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