Bangers and pash-ta

bangerpastasOk, so last week we made boerewors Bolognese pasta. 

I reckoned, if meatball pasta with a tomato sauce is good, why not a boerie? And it worked well. But that's another recipe. 

On Sunday I thought – if bangers and mash is good, and bangers is an excellent brekkie or brunchie sausage, why not a banger in onion sauce on fresh egg pasta? The taste of the egg, the deliciousness of the bangers and the onion sauce made special with a dash (or a little more) of cream.

And it worked exceptionally well. A treat to the pallet. A little surprising at first, but it wins you over in a second.

I used the trusty old cheap electric pan to fry the bangers to perfection, added chopped onion and chopped fresh garden-picked sage and let simmer. When the onion was perfectly golden I added a good quarter cup of cream and let simmer slowly.  

Lara then made the pasta. On the table, not in a machine. The eggs were smallish (constipated hens?) so we had to add seven eggs to make the pasta work. Which was just right, as the egginess of the pasta with the banger sauce was an excellent combination. 


Pork bangers (Woollies, what else?) 1 packet (600g)
Onions, chopped 4 large onions
Butter 2 knobs
Cream 1/4 cup
Sage About 20 leaves, leave some for garnish
Freshly made pasta 800g

How we went about it: 

Pan-fry the bangers until nicely coloured. Otherwise it looks a bit cadaverous. Add the chopped onions and sage. Add a 1/2 cup of water to soften the onions. Then add two knobs of butter and let it simmer until the onion is golden. Add the 1/4 cup cream and simmer. 

Dish up the fresh pasta and pour a liberal amount of sauce over it. Grate fresh parmesan over and some black pepper.

Absolutely fabulous. 


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