About Us

About Us

This blog is about my journey in regaining confidence in the kitchen once  again.

I’ve got an amazing husband who is an exceptionally good cook and I am so thankful for every dinner, breakfast and lunch that he has cooked over the past 23 years.  Daniel’s got a natural talent when it comes to flavours.  He instinctively knows which ingredients will complement one another.  He can whip up a scrumptious meal with anything available in the pantry, fridge and freezer.

A few months ago he had to go away on business for ten days, my kids were nervous.  My daughter asked me, very seriously, what we were going to eat while dad was away. With one hand on my hip and index finger waving in front of them, I asked if they had forgotten all the years that I had done the cooking.

Do they think that I can’t cook anymore?  Did I tumble to the level of ‘culinary whatever’?  Where did that leave me?  With a bruised self-image, naturally.

Come to think of it, for the past two years Daniel did work from home, and I had, in all honesty, started to rely on his culinary skills more often than I’d like to admit. He had the time to take command of the kitchen and he’s much better behind the stove than I am.  I was all too comfortable passing the responsibility over to him.

Whenever the responsibility of dinner did fall on me, I got stuck in a cooking rut.  I had a few reliable recipes that I would cook over and over again. I at least did hit shuffle on the playlist of recipes.

Daniel’s work has recently become more demanding and he has moved his home office into town once again, because of commuting he comes home much later, most evenings he arrives a few minutes before dinner.  I’ve been promoted to Chief of the Kitchen, Cook and (sadly) dish washer too, and I desperately need something new and exciting to cook for dinner – Recipes that I can add to my playlist.

Please, join me on my journey of wiggling myself out of the rut and regaining my confidence in the kitchen.



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